Manual Testing
Test Automation
Coaching and Consulting


If you are looking for testing services for web or mobile apps – manual or automated – Aritha is the ideal technology partner. We ensure that your software is of best quality through our testing services. Our testing experts consult and coach for creation of an end-to-end process that works consistently and efficiently. As part of the test strategy, we suggest our clients whether the tests have to be automated or performed manually. We have a proficient in-house team equipped to carry out all types of testing and automation procedures. Based on the technology our clients use, we also suggest the best automation framework / techniques / test data management for efficient test management and execution. Our services are directed to help you achieve quality at speed by arriving at the best test strategy.

If you are Software Company looking to automate testing, then our Test Automation engineers can do it for you. When you have to devise a strategy to test for the Cloud based applications and ERPs with tera-bytes of data and hundreds of APIs, our experienced team can seamlessly manage such large scale projects and deliver results. We have expertise in testing big-data and cloud based applications. Our testing automation professionals, with solid experience in various Test Automation tools, understand your business goals and lay out a detailed test plan and strategy to execute tests starting from evaluation.

  • API testing using postman, rest-assured etc
  • UI testing Selenium, Protractor or similar tools
  • Performance testing using Jmeter
  • Security testing using Burp suite
  • Static code analysis using Sonar qube.
  • Mobile Apps testing using Appium
  • Integration & System testing
  • Black box
    • Manual
    • Automation
  • White box
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Regression
  • Smoke & Sanity testing


  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance tests
    • Endurance
    • Load
    • Volume
    • stress
    • Scalability
  • Resiliency tests
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery

If you are planning to transform your testing team and set up a software automation team at your company, we can support you in building it. Our past engagements in supporting clients set up internal Automation teams have been highly successful. Our coaching and consulting assignments on designing tests have coupled with our decade plus of test automation expertise in understanding the technical and organizational challenges in implementing the test automation procedures. To know more how we can support you in building and enhancing your test automation teams, please set up a meeting with our technologists.

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