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E-Learning has been in vogue for a couple of decades now and has grown in styles and formats thanks to the constantly advancing technology that enables learners to connect remotely and the host to create and manage remote learning effectively. At Aritha our technology & domain expertise enables our customers to create professional e-learning platforms.


The conventional Education system has now been empowered with a technology wand. This has resulted in developing newer formats and modes of imparting education to students worldwide. We are not very far from a day when all students may not have to go to regular schools all through the year! The online tutoring concept has enabled organizations to attain global outreach by taking an innovative and modern approach to teaching. A Learning Management System, also called an E-learning portal or Remote Learning portal, is an asset for any organization that has vision to be a part of the future of modern education.


There have been several attempts to impart classes through video conferencing, then why do we need software to manage it? We understand the e-Learning domain which is why we can build comprehensive e-learning software that contains features like:

  • E-learning access to students
  • Remote Teaching facility by integration of video conferencing and demonstration tools
  • Documents, videos, audio and several other document sharing facility
  • Multi-level conditional access systems to enable effective portal administration
  • Online learning – time & fee management dashboards for students and tutors
  • Reports and analytics to understand the user behavior at different levels

We equip our customers to realize technology driven modern education.



The growth of any organisation depends a lot on keeping up with the pace of industry transformations and advanced learning. Employees need to be consistently upgrading their knowledge base specific to market requirements from time to time. An efficient Learning Management System (LMS) is a critical element contributing to the overall learning & development of employees thereby boosting enterprise growth.
A study suggests 96% of users say their LMS positively affects training content organization and their ability to track learner progress. Another study suggested that 92% of employers confirmed that post-LMS incorporation & implementation, employee retention improved significantly because the employees felt the company is contributing to their learning and career. These figures speak volumes about how an LMS can fuel the knowledge capital and improve the employee morale.


At Aritha, we focus on designing the appropriate and effective LMS software customised for your area of business to enhance your market competency. Our industry experts analyse the latest Learning and Knowledge Management trends, predict the upcoming requirements and suggest you the best tools accordingly. The investment in training, learning & development and knowledge would not only enhance the overall productivity of your organisation but also enable you to capitalise on it.

We have implemented projects through Moodle and many other technologies for various industrial requirements varying from educational to corporate. From simple implementations like payment gateway and Zoom app integrations to complex architecture with multi-tenancy, our architects help you design custom LMS software depending on specific requirements incorporating features to access and analyse the impact of learning on business. We develop solutions which help you track the learners’ progress, organize training content better, train more workers beyond geographical barriers at the same time, in training standardization through access to e-learning modules remotely, improve training efficiency & Employee engagement, and thus reduce training costs.

We make sure that your learning portal is fast, accessible and scalable to any device or screen help maximum users benefit out of it and improve the overall efficiency. We support you with end-to-end development and annual maintenance of all the services provided by us.


At Aritha we have helped innovators worldwide build their products through our technology services. Our expertise has helped businesses in the following ways:

  • Bringing ideas on paper to working software
  • Faster time to market
  • Modern software engineering practices to enable change at the speed of evolving customer requirements
  • Most of all, a reliable partnership in enabling technology solutions for customers

Aritha has a team of qualified and committed professionals who have come together to build a solid workforce that diligently delivers technology solutions helping customers solve various business problems.


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