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Retailers across industries are now beginning to prefer to operate with an ECommerce frontend and a warehouse for storage against the conventional showroom model from the past. In the millennials’ era, online buyers are only expected to grow thanks to increased access to internet and improved global logistics. Customer intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities are the power gears for ECommerce, providing in-built mechanism to understand user needs and expectations intricately. If you would like to gain advantage from the latest technology in ECommerce, then it is time for you to consult our technologists.

If you are a retailer with a few thousand products in your offering, then some basic features will help you go online with your store, like:

    • Products gallery to browse through your products
    • Comparison of products’ features and pricing
    • Insight of your featured products
    • Seasonal offers
    • Online payment facility
    • Order tracking facility
    • Rating the product

As a portal administrator you may get to manage:

  • Product updates
  • Order tracking
  • Notifications to customer
  • Passing of refunds
  • Basic reports on orders and online revenues

While this is a good starting point start with ECommerce, it does not provide you the competitive edge given by ECommerce to the fullest.


When you have a customer walk in to your physical store, you sense some information about the customer from his behavior and non-verbal cues. Not just that, but a good sales man would know their preferences based on day of the month and time of the day, and respond accordingly. Machine Learning enables your ECommerce portal to do the same – understanding the customer profile and serve accordingly; which gives the online shopper a virtual experience of a brick and mortar store having software as a salesman. This will improve sales as people prefer to buy from stores that understand their buying preferences.
If you already have an ECommerce website and would like to empower it with Machine Learning tools, you may be adding the following features:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Chat bots
  • Intelligent Search algorithms
  • Improved security by behavioral recognition of fraudulent transactions


With the advent of Data Analytics, access to Customer Intelligence and drawing inferences out of customer data helps you make informed decisions in building your marketing and operational strategy. The data collected from real customer interactions are cleaned, analyzed and presented to gain meaningful insights which help you build business strategies that are based on real customer stories. Data Analytics enable you with:
  • Online sales trends & patterns insights
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Dashboard of customized reports in intelligible formats


Mobile ecommerce sales is steadily increasing and is projected to grow over 70% in the years to come. Our solutions are designed to empower our customers to capture this huge market. Ecommerce mobile apps built with intuitive UX design and features built to maximize customers transaction offers you benefits of customer loyalty and enhanced brand value. We specialize in native and hybrid mobile app development for Android and IOS.


We build customized web and mobile applications for ECommerce as per the specific requirements of the customer, being agnostic of technology used. On client preference, we can also build upon popular frameworks like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop or Opencart.


Aritha is one stop shop to get end to end support in building a robust ECommerce solution for your business. We provide technical consultation, design, develop and maintain ECommerce websites. Please get in touch with our Sales team to learn more about our offerings in this domain.

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